These Are the Two Times of Year You’re Most Likely to Get Divor




    A new study out of the University of Washington indicates that there are two times of year where people are more likely to file for divorce. March and August have a more than 30 percent increase in divorce filings and have for the past fourteen years. The statistics seem to hold true in Washington State and elsewhere, leading one to believe that there are specific reasons for the trend.


    Holidays the Reason?

    Julie Brines, co-author of the report and an associate sociology professor at the University of Washington, believes that the holidays are the trigger. She said, “People tend to face the holidays with rising expectations.”

    Many couples have been there at some point—either expecting the holidays to be more magical or happier than they have been in the past or expecting the family to get along when they don’t normally. When these expectations go unmet, one or both partners can experience a severe sense of disappointment and unhappiness. This often translates into dissatisfaction with the marriage and causes people to make the decision to leave.


    The Timing of a Divorce

    It takes time to reach this conclusion, meet with a family law attorney, and start the process of separating. Therefore, divorce filings tend to peak during the months following the holidays. In March, people will have recovered from Christmas and New Year celebrations and have had time to prepare. In August, families will have completed possibly disastrous family vacations and be looking to file for divorce prior to the start of the school year.


    Help from a Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Lawyer

    If you are considering getting divorced after the holidays, knowing these trends may help you understand why. For help with your case, contact us online or call 909-466-7661 to speak with family attorney Laurence J. Brock.