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How Comparative Negligence Affects Florida Car Accident Claims

  • Have you been hurt in a vehicle collision in Florida and aren’t sure whether you can sue the at-fault driver for damages? If your injury is fairly serious and you have damages, you might be eligible to take your claim out of Florida’s no-fault system. See below for more information.


    Understanding Comparative Negligence in Florida

    Comparative negligence is the concept that when two or more people are involved in an auto wreck, they might share the blame for the accident. Even if you were partially responsible for the car crash that hurt you, that doesn’t mean you can’t sue the other party.

    If that party holds some responsibility for your injuries, you can file a claim seeking damages, but only for the amount of fault that is assigned to that party.


    What Is the Serious Injury Threshold?

    In order to sue someone for damages, your injuries have to meet Florida’s serious injury threshold. Basically, you will have to demonstrate that your accident has caused you significant injury and considerable damages.

    The definition of what a serious injury is in Florida is vague, so you will need to check with a lawyer to see whether your injury qualifies.


    Damages in Florida Auto Injury Cases

    When you’ve sustained a serious injury in Florida, you will likely have extensive damages. You’re probably facing medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, missed wages, pain, stress, anxiety, and anguish—all because of your catastrophic injury car accident. You should be paid for all of the ways this accident has impacted your life.

    Even if you aren’t sure whether your injuries are serious enough to meet Florida’s injury threshold, contact an attorney. All injuries and all cases are different, so never count yourself out. Even if the other involved party is only responsible for 52 percent of the blame for the accident, that’s still money that you’re owed and should be in your pocket.


    Contact a Florida Negligence Injury Attorney

    You deserve to receive payment for an accident you didn’t cause. Reach out to a Boca Raton car accident lawyer  with The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo.

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