Michigan Premises Liability Laws

  • If you’ve been injured on another person’s property, including a store or restaurant, you are likely wondering if you have a case for premises liability. Not every injury that occurs will give you grounds to file a personal injury claim, so you will need to brush up on some of Michigan’s premises liability laws to see whether your case qualifies.


    What Is Premises Liability?

    Premises liability refers to the duty that homeowners and business owners have to keep those who visit their properties safe.

    You have the right to expect a safe, hazard-free environment when at a store or a friend’s house, and if the property owner fails in their duty to maintain safe premises for visitors and lawful guests, then you can hold them accountable for any injuries you sustain while on their property.

    Common types of accidents that occur on another’s premises are:

    • Slip-and-falls/trip-and-falls
    • Pool accidents
    • Falls from great heights
    • Falling or unsecured objects
    • Burn injuries


    When Can You Sue?

    You are legally allowed to sue a homeowner or business owner if you’re hurt because of a dangerous situation on their property. For instance, if you are hurt because of a spill that wasn’t cleaned up, or you are burned because of exposed electrical wiring, you can file an injury claim seeking damages.


    Reach Out to a Michigan Premises Liability Lawyer

    You may have suffered extensive damages because of your injury, such as medical expenses, missed time from work, or even permanent disability. You deserve to obtain fair payment for all of the suffering you’ve endured because of another’s negligence.

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