The Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse

  • The last thing anyone wants when they put their elderly loved one in a nursing home is for that loved one to fall victim to nursing home abuse. But, unfortunately, it does happen.

    One of the most important things you can do to protect your loved one is to know what the different types of nursing home abuse look like, so that you can take action when and if it does occur.


    Physical Abuse

    Hitting, punching, pinching, slapping, or otherwise manhandling patients while changing clothing or interacting with them are all examples of physical abuse. Watch out for bloody clothes or unexplained bruises and injuries.


    Sexual Abuse

    Sexual abuse can take the form of improper touching, jokes, gestures, or even full-on rape. No matter what kind of sexual abuse occurs, all forms are harmful—both physically and psychologically—to the victim.

    Look for bruising or other injuries in sensitive areas. The patient may not be able to explain these injuries, because he or she may have been sedated when they occurred. Even without obvious physical signs, your relative may suddenly become withdrawn, unwilling to discuss daily life, or fearful of a specific staff member or members.


    Verbal Abuse

    Verbal abuse can include talking down to patients, threatening them, or directing patients to perform demeaning actions. Symptoms can be similar to those of sexual abuse, and they can include aggressive acting out.



    Nursing home patients depend on others for help with everything, including taking medication, eating, receiving healthcare, going to the bathroom, putting on clean clothes, and changing bedding.

    Ask your relative questions about how often he or she is visited by staff, how often baths occur, how often bedding is changed, the frequency of meals, and whether the food is any good. Check for bedsores, dirty clothes, or other signs of neglect.


    Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Northwestern Illinois

    Nursing home abuse happens more often than we like to think. It’s important that we do everything we can to protect our loved ones while they are in a nursing home. If abuse occurs, our attorneys can help you and your loved one get justice.

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