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Timeline for the Car Accident Claim Process

  • After getting into an auto accident, most victims want to know what they need to do to have their medical bills paid and to recover compensation. This is especially necessary for anyone who has suffered a severe or catastrophic injury that has made it difficult or impossible to go to work.

    All of this makes understanding the timeline for the car accident claim process incredibly important.


    Move Quickly

    It can take several months or even years for an accident claim to be fully processed. This is the total amount of time it takes from the minute the claim is filed to when a victim receives compensation.

    This makes it important to move quickly, file an accident claim with the insurance company right away, and hire an auto wreck attorney as soon as possible.


    The Insurance Company Should Pay Your Medical Bills

    The first step in the process is to file an accident claim with your own insurance company. They will ask questions and provide you with a claim number that can be used when visiting the doctor and having your vehicle repaired. This can happen immediately.

    Most physicians will bill the insurance company directly so that you do not have to pay out of pocket for the initial medical care. This should continue while the claim is being processed.


    The Investigation Can Take Several Months

    The insurance company will go to work determining who was responsible for the accident. Your attorney will do the same.


    Settlement Negotiations Can Take Time

    Once an attorney has gathered evidence to prove who caused the accident and the overall physical, financial and emotional impact the crash has had on you, he or she can draft a demand letter and begin negotiating with the other party.

    If the case is strong, they may agree to settle quickly. Otherwise, they may counteroffer or refuse to pay anything at all.

    n the first scenario, the case could settle right away and then money will exchange hands. In the other two scenarios, months could be added onto the timeline as it becomes necessary to go to court.


    Going to Court Could Take a Year or More

    If the case proceeds to trial, it will take far longer to receive compensation because the trial will be set based on the court’s availability. It can take several months to get on the calendar.

    Once at trial, both sides will make their case for what happened, present evidence, interview witnesses, and so on. A jury will then make a ruling on who they believe is at fault and how much compensation, if any, you should receive.

    Once this judgment has been rendered, the other party will be responsible for paying. If an insurance company is involved, the check will typically be issued immediately. If the other party was uninsured, it may be difficult to collect on the judgment, increasing the amount of time it takes to collect.


    Auto Injury Attorneys in Indiana

    To receive compensation in a timely manner, the best thing you can do is speak with a personal injury attorney and get the process started. To speak with Crossen Kooi Law, call 1-888-366-4215 or visit our website and schedule a free consultation today.