What Is a Pre-Trial Diversion?

  • Few experiences are more stressful than being charged with a criminal offense. Even worse can be the intervening time while you await the outcome of your trial. Not knowing what’s going to happen to you can be nerve-wracking, and of course, you want the best outcome possible: clearing your name and record of the charges.

    One option that might allow for this end result is known as a pre-trial diversion.


    Pre-Trial Diversions in Indiana

    A pre-trial diversion must be agreed to by the prosecution. It is effectively an agreement whereby the accused is given the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction in exchange for good behavior.

    In most cases, the accused will need to avoid any further criminal charges for a set period of time. If successful, the charges are then dropped and the accused avoids a conviction going on his or her record.


    Who Qualifies for a Pre-Trial Diversion?

    Pre-trial diversions are normally only offered in cases of non-violent misdemeanors. It also helps to be a first-time offender.

    There might be some additional requirements demanded by the prosecution, as well. Depending on the offense, the accused might be required to go through a substance abuse program or perform community service, for example.

    Finally, if the crime in question resulted in any victims, their wishes and desires will also be taken into account.


    Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney

    A pre-trial diversion is unlikely to happen unless you have a defense attorney negotiating with the prosecution on your behalf, however. If you’ve been accused of a crime in Indiana and want to explore the possibility of a pre-trial diversion, contact the Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm. Just visit us online or call 812-232-7400 today.