Reasons to Annul a Marriage in Indiana

  • Marriage should be a happy time, but for some couples, there are major issues that could prevent your happily ever after. A void or voidable marriage, for example, is often based on deceit or an imbalance in the relationship.

    You might be seeking to leave your marriage. But as with a divorce, you’ll need to find valid reasons to annul your marriage in Indiana and get out of the relationship. If you’re struggling to annul your marriage, an attorney can help you through this difficult time.  


    Annulment Is Different from Divorce

    First, keep in mind that annulling your marriage won’t be the same as getting a divorce, and you won’t seek an annulment for the same reasons you would seek a divorce. Because the marriage in question is already void or voidable, annulling the marriage wipes it from your record. Legally, you were never married.

    But what is a “void” marriage? These marriages were assumed to be legal marriages but may be voidable because they turn out to be illegal. For example, a marriage between close relatives is void and could be annulled.  

    These marriages aren’t marriages in the way you might normally see them. While the marriage was solemnized, your marriage can be voided and your property split by a judge without the proceedings that come with a divorce.


    Reasons for Annulment

    Because a void or voidable marriage covers illegal marriages, there are many reasons you might seek to annul a marriage in Indiana. The following are just a few examples:

    • One party was underage at the time.
    • Your spouse was already married to a living person at the time of marriage.
    • One spouse was mentally incompetent and unable to agree to marriage.
    • The marriage was brought about through fraud.
    • A spouse was coerced or under duress for the marriage.

    If you believe your marriage was invalid but don’t see your situation listed here, contact our lawyers. We can confirm whether your case is void and help you through the process of annulment.


    Legal Help with Your Annulment

    Many annulled marriages are based on false statements from a spouse, including fraud and bigamy. You may find yourself seeking a way out of such a difficult position. Annulling your marriage may be the best way to do so, but you’re likely not sure that you understand the valid reasons to annul a marriage in Indiana.

    Speak to a lawyer at Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm. Our attorneys can guide you through the annulment process and fight for your property and assets when necessary. Ready to get started? Call our attorneys at 1-812-232-7400 or head to our website.