Drunk Driving: A Simple Solution

  • As many of you are familiar, alcohol is a substance that affects the brain by reducing functionality, impair thinking, and coordination. All of these of which are required to operate a vehicle.


    Although there have been strict laws put into effect and strong campaigns that raise awareness, many people still find themselves driving under the influence.


    Drinking and Driving


    That act of driving and driving is a deadly one and remains a strong issue in the United States. Driving while intoxicated could result in an arrest or even an automobile accident that causes series death and injury. It was report by the Live’s Lost Campaign that 987 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2016 where alcohol was a contributor.


    With astonishing numbers that reflect the number of lives lost, there are simple and effective ways to prevent drinking and driving.


    • If you or someone you know plans to have a drink, plan your rides in advance with taxis and other ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.
    • If you know that someone in your party has consumed alcohol, ensure that they do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. If needed, have someone else pick them up who is not under the influence or take away their keys.
    • If you experience an impaired driver on the road, be sure to contact law enforcement. This would be the difference in saving someone’s life and less severe consequences of the impaired driver who was pulled over by law enforcement before a traffic accident occurs.


    Acting as a drunk driver isn’t just dangerous. There are tough laws that play a major role for the rest of someone’s life for being under the influence while driving.


    Strict Laws Enough? 


    Although the driver is looking for a quick and easy way home, they aren’t considering the severity of their actions. Laws associated with drunk driving can range up to a felony charge. Not only will the driver run the risk of losing their license, but they could experience hefty fines and even jail time.


    Some states require an offender to take a test each time they enter their vehicle if they didn’t lose their license. They may also be required to attend classes to ensure they have learned the issues with their actions.


    Although there are strict laws that are fighting to keep people from committing these crimes, we still experience this crime on a daily basis. To avoid severe charges and the potential to avoid any serious injury or death, the answer is clear. Do not drive impaired. If you or someone you know has an issue with driving under the influence, seek help and avoid a bad decision that could cost you heavy penalties, including your life.