Tacking the DUI Dilemma in New York

  • New York is a thriving state known to be rich in culture, nature, and attractions. It has been a location desired by people from all over the world. As much as New York can be admired for its world-famous attractions and desirable lifestyle, it also has a fatal issue on hand.


    New York has experienced a substantial number of instances in and out of the city where drivers have lost their lives due to the impairment of another driver. In fact, it was reported by the NHTSA FARS Database between 2011 and 2016 that 742 accidents were caused by drinking and driving and 128 were reported of drug use and driving. This data also indicates that men between the ages of 21 and 32 are among the largest contributors to these numbers.


    With such an impact on the number of accidents resulting from alcohol and drug use, many people are seeking solutions to put an end to these fatalities. Many people are taking upon themselves to sign online safety initiative pledges to share with their friends and families as a means to bring awareness to this issue and prevent the issue of impaired driving.  


    Although raising awareness is helpful in educating others of this fatal act, it is also important to take these types of initiatives seriously. Below are a few helpful ideas to avoid becoming a contributor to these alarming numbers:



    Ridesharing Services


    Most of us have become familiar with Uber, Lyft, and various other cab and taxi services. With the availability of catching a ride in the palm of your hands, the ability to avoid impaired driving is an effortless solution. Be sure to utilize these services if you’re in doubt.


    Coordinate a Designated Driver


    If you know for sure that you’re going to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family for a special occasion, be sure to plan to have a plan for a ride before your event begins. Ensure that this person is a reliable source for getting you home safely. Being proactive in this situation can help you avoid a heavy ticket, jailtime, or even worse – injuring yourself or someone else.


    Educate Young Drivers


    Educating others of the alarming number of impaired driving incidences can be an effective way to help young drivers and students understand the severity of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The decision to get behind the wheel while impaired can cost you your life. Educating and instilling responsibility in drivers can help others to understand how fatal the act of impaired driving can truly become.


    Impaired driving has costs other people their lives. A decision to drive irresponsibly can do the same to anyone else. Be sure to drive responsibly and if needed get a ride or take a walk. This crime can cost you heavily from fines, your job, and even your life.