Helpful Services Offered By Law Firms

  • In this age of uncertainty, where accidents and emergencies are sadly all too common, We must ensure that our interest and those of our loved ones are protected. Fire, Health, Police are some of the conventional emergency services. However, the modern world demands the inclusion of legal services to the list..


    Law firms have a number of lawyers working for them, each with their own unique specialty and experience, providing a variety of legal services to individuals and businesses alike.  (Information Credit –


    Some Common Services include :


    • Litigation
    • Family Law


    This sphere of law concerns ante-nuptial contracts, contact with children, maintenance of children and divorces.


    • Conveyancing and Law of Property :

    Services include drafting and reviewing of lease agreements and the transfer of land from one owner to another.


    • Estate Planning :

    We will all pass on some day, but the correct estate planning, will ensure that the loved ones left behind will be looked after. Services include the drafting of wills and trusts, and the administration of estates after death.


    • Contract Law

    Hiring a law firm to draft a lease, acknowledgment of debt or sale agreement will ensure that all of your rights are protected and obligations known, preventing potentially higher costs and stress in the unfortunate event of a dispute.


    • Labour Law

    This specialised area of practice focuses on the laws regulating the relationship between employer, employees and trade unions, ensuring the rights of all are protected.


    • Liquidation

    Despite our best efforts and often due to factors beyond our control, sometimes our businesses fail and need to be wound down. In such circumstances the business may need to be liquidated to ensure the fair distribution of business assets amongst all creditors. This is a specialised process which requires legal assistance.


    • Franchise Law

    This is a specialised field of law type focusing on the special legal issues frequently encountered by franchisees and franchisors.