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Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Georgia Injury Laws

  • When you go to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit in Georgia, all the laws you will need to know may shock you. There are many laws that apply to different types of accidents, and one of the important laws you’ll need to learn is the one that applies to time limits on filing your injury case.

    It’s important that you learn the time frame for submitting your type of injury case, because if the time frame passes, you won’t be able to submit a case at all. Below, here are some details on the statute of limitations, or time limit, on filing injury claims in Georgia.

    Time Frame for Submitting a Georgia Injury Case

    For most injury cases in Georgia, you have two years in which to submit your case against the party that harmed you. What will happen if you don’t file your case within this time frame? You won’t be able to file a claim at all, as the court will reject it because you didn’t follow the statute of limitations.

    The only real exception to the time frame is when you didn’t discover your injury or illness right away. If you can prove that you didn’t know about the injury until later, you could be able to file a claim after the statute of limitations window has closed. This is a rare situation, but here’s an example.

    Say you had surgery a few years ago, and following the surgery, everything seemed fine. Last week you began experiencing some pain. You see a doctor and learn that a foreign object was left inside your body during the surgery. You could likely be able to submit an injury claim because you didn’t know that the object was there.

    For claims against the government in Georgia, you have only six months in which to file your claim.

    Need Help Filing Your Lawsuit? Call a Lawyer Now!

    The statute of limitations is not the only law that will apply to your Georgia injury case, and it’s usually advisable to hire a lawyer for help with your claim. Your Savannah personal injury lawyer will know all the laws that will pertain to your case and will be able to assist you in every step of the injury claim process.

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