Thoughtful Guide To Getting Past The First Fortnight Of Your

  • Separation may be an acceptable legal solution to move away from a decaying relationship, but it always comes with backbreaking load of trauma. As has been expressed by those that have already gone through the process, the first fortnight of separation can be a soul wrenching experience that needs to be handled very carefully so that the concerned individuals don’t end up making decisions that could scar their lives forever. Therefore, embracing the right course of action through this delicate time is imperative. Following is a short tried and tested guide that can help the latter in this direction...


    Take a day off; understand what has just happened and inform close ones about it. Never ever suffer alone. Always reach out to your closest friends or family or both, for support. The first two days may not be the best time to look through separation agreement templates other official matters as such. Please visit this website for more info about free separation agreement.


    Counselling is highly recommended. Trauma has always been a part and parcel of separation especially if the decision was mostly one sided. Seeking professional counselling can help you deal with emotional and psychological stress successfully.


    Embrace activities that keep you productively occupied. If you are currently unemployed, seeking a job could help you in a therapeutic way. Also ensure that you work out and meditate to keep your feel-good hormones bubbling.


    Create a rough separation and divorce agreement later half of the fortnightYou need to take your agreement clauses very seriously especially if you have not been employed through the course of your marriage and have devoted all your time to taking care of your home and family. The core inputs that you need to focus upon include...


    • Financial support / alimony
    • Occupancy of the current residence
    • Child custody and support
    • Visitation rights
    • Property division and usage
    • Duration of the separation


    If you are unable to handle all this in the right state of mind (which is quite natural under such trying circumstances) you can always seek professional assistance for the purpose.


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