Creating A Legal Power Of Attorney – What Are The Legal Require

  • Whether you are creating a power of attorney in North Carolina or any other place in the US or elsewhere, you need to ensure as the principal – that it is created in a proper way – so as to be recognized by the law of your state. A poorly written POA – a common problem experienced by people without proper legal knowledge – might be regarded as invalid by a court of law. If you have to prepare a valid power of attorney, there are a few legal requirements that have to be satisfied. Please visit this website for more info about free power of attorney form.


    You have to be mentally stable


    The law does not recognize a Power of Attorney drafted and created by a person who is mentally incapacitated. Anyone who signs this type of document has to be competent mentally, and know what is being signed as well as the powers that the document will authorize the appointed agent – also referred to as an attorney-in-fact - with. The person signing the document should also be acting out of his / her own will, and not under pressure from some other person – such as the agent or his family.


    You need witnesses for the document


    In the majority of states, you are expected to notarize your signature on the legal power of attorney template – by a minimum of two adults who are not associated to you or to each other in any way. Only people who you have not named as agents for your power of attorney must stand as witnesses while you sign the document.


    In a few states, such as South Carolina and North Carolina, you are expected to record the POA document with the office of your county recorder. It is a good idea to hire a legal agency to get state-specific directions that will let you finalize your document and make it valid.


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