Never Forget These 4 Lease Agreement Conditions While Creating

  • Landlords and tenants are always very serious about the core inclusions in a rental lease agreement contract. This usually includes matters like rent amount, payment methods, tenure of the contract and renewal terms and conditions etc. The question is; is this everything that lease agreements cover? More often than not, it has been observed that it is the grey areas in rental lease agreements that often lead to conflicts between tenants and property owners. Please visit this website for more info about free rental agreement.

    To stay on the safer side of things, here is a list of such conditions that should never be forgotten while creating the contract.

    • Maximum occupancy including guest policies Nature and capacity of occupancy of properties depends upon the size of the property as well as the facilities that come with the same. Therefore, if your property is suitable for a family of 5, the renters should ensure that they do not bring in a sixth member to share the premises for a prolonged period of time. Guest policies should also be specified in the contract in terms of how many guests can stay in the property and for how long.


    • Pets If you take a look at rental agreement templates that are available through online legal platforms, you will see that they have sections dedicated to pet policies or are easily customizable to accommodate similar clauses. Here you can mention the types of pets that are allowed (if at all), and responsibility of the owners as far as damage to the property owing to the same is concerned.


    • Right to entry Always make sure that your lease agreement has necessary specifications with respect to right to entry. This basically refers to specifying in details on when you can enter the premises, prior notices and situations under which you can enter without permission.


    • Defining illicit behavior Landlords have the right to take action against tenants if the latter is seen to engage in illegal activities or activities that have not been permitted in the rental contract. Unless you define these activities in clear terms, the tenants may find grey areas leading to misuse of the premises with you not being able to do anything about it.


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