What Should You Include in a Car Bill of Sale Form?

  • A Car Bill of Sale records the transfer of ownership of a car from one party to another, and also mentions specific details about the vehicle that is being sold. Find out about some of the top things that you need to include in a bill of sale for selling car. Please visit this website for more info about property bill of sale.


    Date of purchase


    The document should have the date of the item’s purchase being mentioned, so that it can be used for future reference to understand when the transfer of ownership took place. The name and address of both parties and the purchase amount should be stated as well.


    Vehicle information


    Make sure that the Bill of Sale contains complete information about the car, such as type of vehicle – like a car, boat or motorcycle, year of manufacture, model, make etc. Have the Odometer reading mentioned, as well as the Vehicle identification number, Vehicle registration number, Engine serial number and Hull number. Other than the description of the asset that is being transferred, you need to offer guarantee that the product is free of any offsets and claims.


    Warranties or representations


    If the vehicle being sold is still under a limited warranty period, you have to mention that as well – so that the buyer is able to know about the same. If the vehicle has a provision for limited warranty, you have to exactly mention in the used car bill of sale form the kind of damages, labor charges and components that the warranty covers. This will be helpful for a buyer if he would be responsible for some part of the expenses.




    The document should be signed by the buyer, the seller and a notary public. Without proper signatures of all the parties, the form would not be recognized as it would be regarded by a court of law as null and void.


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