Drawing Up A Last Will & Testament – What Should Be The Basic

  • A last will & testament of real property is a document that one has to prepare in order to ensure proper distribution of his wealth once he is no more. It has to be prepared in a well-rounded way, covering all the points, so as to ensure its legality. Know what some of your basic considerations should be, at the time of drawing up your last will. For more information about getting last will and testament in Alaska, please visit this website.


    You must be mentally competent


    You need to prepare your will when you are still quite younger, before you get unfit and senile and can be tricked by others. The will needs to be always prepared well, with the date being mentioned properly, given that an older one can always get canceled by a new one. A last will needs to be ideally clear, precise and simple, and it should be created when you still have all your mental faculties intact.


    It has to be duly signed


    A testator needs to sign the last will and testament legal document in the presence of a minimum of two witnesses. The witnesses must not be the beneficiaries of your will, and they need to attest to the same as well. The testator has to sign and number every page of the will. Any correction on the will needs to be countersigned.


    It should be properly stored


    As the person drawing up the will, you have to store it in a safe spot - such as a bank vault – that is known to beneficiaries and executor. The signed copy of the last will may be kept with an attorney. Codicils may be attached to the will and read out loud, in order to make any change to the document. However, it is best that you draw up a new will in case there are too many alterations to make.


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