Everything You Need To Know About Long Term Separation

  • Long term separation in very simple words, refers to couples staying away from each other for a prolonged period of time which can often go up to years. Long term marital separation usually does not involve any kind of legal documents and commitments with respect to core decisions like financial support, child custody, debt sharing etc. is verbally agreed upon. Please visit this website for more info about legal separation agreement.


    Is it really necessary?


    Long term marital separation is often backed by innumerable reasons many of which actually hold base. Separated couples so far, have expressed that they grew out of their spouses and felt that they were not in love anymore; some said they did not enjoy each others’ company like they did before; some revealed that their spouses were financially and emotionally irresponsible and did not see a proper progressive future with them... so on and so forth.


    These have often been termed as situations where compromise can lead to bigger troubles later on in marriage.


    What are the pros and cons of long term separation?


    The most essential advantage of long term separation surrounds the fact that the couples can enjoy legal benefits like health insurance, social security benefits, income tax benefits etc even while leading completely separate lives. At the same time, the couples can also have ample time to think about the future of their relationship before rushing towards divorce.


    On the flip side, given that fact that long term separation does not usually involve legal separation papers, verbal agreements made by the spouses are not enforceable by law. Therefore, in case there is a breach made by either of the spouse in keeping up with their promises, no one can do anything about it.


    However, couples can access legal separation papers for long term separation agreements to stay on the safer side of things. Top online legal platforms these days, are equipped to offer comprehensive assistance in this direction.


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