Joye Law Firm Announces First Annual Local Heroes Contest

  • The Joye Law Firm in South Carolina is excited to announce their first annual SC Local Heroes Contest. 

    The firm will be awarding three holiday cash prizes of $1,000 to local SC heroes who have demonstrated good character and have shown exceptional service to their communities.

    Entries are due on 11/01/2019, and the prizes will be awarded in December.

    The nomination prompt is as follows:

    "To nominate a local hero, the entrant should write an essay of 600 words introducing us to the person you consider a local hero. Explain why the individual should be recognized for his or her deeds. We are prepared to be overwhelmed because we have encountered a number of people over the years who deserved recognition for their selfless and heroic actions. We know that they are out there."

    Nominations can be made through the contest's page: