How Bathmate Hydromax Pump Works

  • All pumps work to create a vacuum on your penis so it can press, pump, and expand. As stated earlier, Bath mate pumps using water as a means to achieve the desired result.

    When you pump with Bath mate will get the results through a natural erection by making blood into the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue that makes up most of the penis).

    With consistent use over time, this pumping and expansion process will ultimately lead to permanent penile growth in both thickness and length.

    The whole process looks like this:
    1. You pump your penis.
    2. Your type then engorges with blood
    3.Exposition of the penis occurs so that it gives bigger and longer results.

    Once that is achieved and restored, your penis returns bigger and better than before.

    Constant and growing constant blood also exercises the corpora cavernosa to constantly absorb more blood, resulting in larger and harder erections and larger overall moist glands continuing to grow.

    In some ways, it's similar to bodybuilding. Bathmate can help men with erectile problems because the penis is able to hold more blood after using it, by pumping at once that trains this area to hold more blood in the long run (both when soft).

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