There's a general rule of thumb in regards to rumours

  • It's damn cool to view the Houston Voyagers go into Madden 20 coins Texans territory, or launching a new franchise in London, England, however there are still limits to EA's imagination. The NFL sometimes feels like the Groundhog Day? The same could be said for EA Sports' football powerhouse Madden. Despite still being enjoyable after over 30 main line names, it feels at times like the Pats; the exact same old dependable Brady is the game's core, just with flashy new whistles and bells to surround him.

    Will Madden 20, set for release fall into precisely the same trap? Maybe, but perhaps not.There are some seriously sexy rumours swirling around who have us excited about the game's potential. Sports Gamer Online has reported The majority of them, and it their chatter that we focus on here. These things don't all come from 1 source. Series fans are doing some speaking on social websites too, and they believe they have the scoop on pay celebrities, what platforms Madden will land on and more.Here, you are going to get the goss on some supreme Team whispers, fresh gameplay mechanisms, what the future holds for EA's Longshot single-player and all the information on a planned new narrative that would buck the norm more than OBJ joining the Browns.

    There's a general rule of thumb in regards to rumours: think about the source.That can make this one tough to swallow, but (ahem) forecast that Browns QB Baker Mayfield is a strong candidate to land the cover star slot at Madden 20. Their logic? Well, it's about damn time the playmaking place of that the NFL was straight back on the box's front. Tom Brady, predictably, was the final in 18. Before that, it was Drew Brees at 2011. Mayfield was a sin in his first season in Cleveland, and his mixture of confidence, leadership and skills has got the NFL. Additionally, the cover has been graced by sophomore players before.

    It was Odell Beckham Jr, and it could be his new ball handler at the Browns this season. In what's set for a huge season for lovers in Ohio, Madden 20 could be the game of their dreams. The'Dawg Pound' will be proud.unless they exclusively have a Nintendo Switch.Madden 20 would be the third entry in EA's NFL string to pass without a Switch interface. Even though it was hardly surprising that Madden 18, released after the Switch did not hit Nintendo's console, it is quite noteworthy that EA haven't put that buy Madden nfl 20 coins right as.