In a nutshell, for people who don't feel like watching

  • In a nutshell, for people who don't feel like watching the full 17 mins of the video:An item duplication glitch was discovered which involved crashing the server shortly. This works as the runescape gold 2007 advancement of your character would revert to 15 minutes prior to the save state, whichever was accessible or the crash. It did not properly revert all personality trades though and enabled runescape players to replicate items.Abusers of their glitch speculated this was potential to manipulate when they saw an Ice Poseidon VOD where he hosted a drop celebration and unintentionally crashed the server from the sheer amount of runescape players seeking to pick up his drops.

    They jumped the server by flooding a single zone of runescape with roughly 2,000 account (the host population limit) and had them junk activities repeatedly.The r/2007scape mods ran automoderator scripts to get rid of any mention of this phrase"dupe" in order to silence and censor any speculation of this duplication glitch present going out. While it's generally understood that they don't formally represent Jagex, it's very likely that they did so because Jagex asked them to censor any mention of their dupe.During the investigation where Rendi increased the bug with Jagex and precisely how it worked, they didn't give him a single response or acknowledgement that it had been fixed. If anything that he found out more from those abusing the insect.

    Rendi additionally accused Jagex of utilizing NDAs (non disclosure agreements) to silence other Runescape content creators from discussing the duplication exploit. It would have taken to duplicate the amount of gold which runescape likely had in its market. Dupes could have multiplied that more.

    Runescape players were leery of an internal breach when they had golden being stolen from their account and were told by Customer Support that their accounts security was to blame, regardless of them using 2FA, Google authenticator, an in-game lender PIN along with other measures to maintain their accounts protected. Rumour has it that Jed fled the how to make money on runescape old school nation later to evade arrest.