Shot Blasting v/s Sand Blasting, Which one is better?

  • Shot Basting & Sand Blasting both are surface cleaning methods. However, both of these processes have their own processes and merits. Let’s find out first something more about these two methods…

    Sand blasting is used by a number of industries and it is a common surface treatment. This method uses abrasive materials for clearing the surface. These abrasive materials generally include the steel shot, steel grit, glass beads as well as walnut shell etc. which are accelerated through a blasting nozzle via compressed air and onto the surface itself.
    Sandblasting can be used to remove a many kinds of blemishes from a surface such as:
    ● Removal of paint, rust and other pollutants
    ● Shaping small parts that have small burrs or irregularities
    ● Clean streets, pathways and other concrete surfaces.

    ● Sandblasting is considered as the fastest and the most efficient method of removing paint from a surface.
    ● Sandblasting is additionally the most convenient and the most cost effective method of using contaminants such as rust.
    ● Generally a metallic surface may need to have the surface profiled so that the subsequent coating can be applied. Sand blasting machine can do this for you.
    ● Also, sandblasting has a wide range of uses as compared to other methods that means it can be used on rust, paint, graffiti and stains on wood etc.
    ● Sand is used to be the material for sandblasting that can cause damage to the body so there are number of other less harmful substances that can be used in sand blasting machine such as coconut shell, walnut shell, & copper slag etc.

    Shot blasting is used only in industries specific metals such as aerospace industry, automotive industry & construction etc. It is used as a similar method to sandblasting, by rapidly impacting a surface with abrasive materials like steel shots; chilled iron grit and steel grit. However, the procedure uses a turbine which turns quickly and separates the material.

    ● Shot blasting eliminates the usage of non-eco friendly and harsh chemicals through the process i.e. silicon dust.
    ● Shot blasting offers higher production rates; a wider abrasive selection and better blast pattern accuracy than other spraying methods.
    ● The finished surface is completely free from chemical deposits; scales and dust content, meaning it doesn’t remove the original metal when removing scales on the surface.
    ● Shot blasting is able to form a bond between the protective coat on surface such as zinc; paint or epoxy and the shot blasted surface.
    ● It also helps to detect any surface faults or defects.
    ● Shot blasting increases the longevity and durability of the protective surface coats as the coat adheres better to the cleaned and scale free surface.

    Which blasting method is better?
    Both sand and shot blasting are used for mechanical cleaning of surfaces. But, both vary in the working principle. Sand Blasting uses compressed air to blast sand/abrasive on the job. The mixture is propelled via nozzle or guns at high velocity. Generally, it is applied to remove debris, mild stains, rust, old paints and job prior to painting/coating.
    In shot blasting, centrifugal force is utilized to shot the media, which is generally spherical or rounded. The media is usually harder than the surface of target job. After blasting, the job will have finishing effect and with an improved fatigue strength.
    Shot blasting does not generate silicon dust and have less pollution as compared to sand blasting. Shot blasting has more efficiency as compared to sand blasting machines and also uses less energy consumption. For the same working piece, the energy consumption is one-tenth of sand blasting machine.
    So, it is difficult to say which method is better. However, it depends on the purpose for which you’re using the blasting method for. Get the best shot blasting & sand blasting machine price in India with us.