Am I an Artist?

  • Before considering whether a person is an artist or not, it is necessary to define what this term suggests. In other words, it is important to know what typical qualities artists have. The first answer that may enter one’s mind is that artists are people who change the world by conveying to humanity certain messages through their creations. This definition seems to be appropriate to people of art; however, it also can be referred, for example, to employees working in construction, food, and machinery industries. Moreover, throughout their lives most individuals do something that impacts their contemporaries, thus making a small or, maybe, even a big change in their communities. Therefore, every person is an artist in his or her unique ways because his or her activities convey certain messages that are capable of altering the order in the external world. Hence, while considering who an artist is in a narrower sense, one should also include a quality of creating things that have strong aesthetic value and evoke people’s admiration. Despite the fact that these measurements are rather subjective (something that triggers aesthetic feelings of one person may inflict negative emotions upon another individual), adding aesthetic value is a significant characteristic of an artist. Undoubtedly, in the modern world, the signs of art can be observed in every industry, not only in the typical art areas such as painting, performing, singing, or playing musical instruments. This paper aims to detect my personal input into society and define to what extent my role in altering the world can be considered to be a manifestation of art.

    To begin with, it is necessary to provide a brief description of my life story. I should admit that I have never thought about becoming an artist. Being objective in assessing own abilities, I realized that I had poor skills in drawing, painting, and graphing. Therefore, when I was in elementary and middle school in Hong Kong, I extremely disliked all lessons connected with art. My artworks used to be terrible and, thus, I never received a grade above C for my creations. In spite of this fact, I did not feel unhappy because I was sure that I had good skills in other fields.

    Besides, I am not interested in drawing and painting since it is hard for me to create a good artwork. Moreover, I admit that I am poorly motivated to improve my drawing skills because, nowadays, an artist is not a promising career. In addition, being an artist implies enduring a constant battle between striving to create great things for mankind and wanting to hide from the rest of world.

    Furthermore, as artists often get discouraged because of criticism of their artworks, they are at risk of enduring an intense life drama connected with a constant disappointment stipulated by the lack of self-assertion. One should clarify that most artists become famous and receive the greatest status after their death, which means that their creative activity does not allow them to obtain and enjoy recognition during their lifetime. Moreover, considering that perception is always subjective, it is natural that many people do not appreciate artworks. Remaining unrecognized, some artists may adopt other people’s low assessment of their works. As a result, artists start perceiving their creations as useless things, which seriously hinder life satisfaction and leads to suffering. This is why I have never wanted to become an artist.

    Nevertheless, it is necessary to admit the enhanced presence of art in the mass media, for instance, in such industries as radio and television. Apart from that, art is strongly manifested in religion. Without a doubt, when art is used as a means of changing people’s minds or instilling new beliefs and concepts, its role as well as the roles of those who create artworks are much more prominent. For instance, poets may utilize their skills for highlighting military events. In this case, art serves as a tool for delivering certain information. Moreover, at the same time, art functions to increase people’s patriotism, which may contribute to their victory.

    Another example of art in the mass media is constructing various ideologies with the help of television. For instance, the development of show business is an effective means of building a popular culture that is aligned with socio-economic processes of a particular nation. In this case, art becomes highly purposeful since it is successfully utilized to persuade the entire communities and peoples. Therefore, it is not surprising that individuals who are engaged in show business more often succeed in art while staying alive. This insight suggests that artists who want to enjoy the fruits of their creations need to work within the framework of mainstream tendencies that are relevant during the current time period. Undoubtedly, this approach may limit creativeness; however, it enhances the impact of artworks.

    Besides, it is known that art is greatly used in religion for constructing and reinforcing socio-cultural symbols. This approach is beneficial in terms of preserving ethnical and national uniqueness. In addition, art in religion serves to create new spiritual tendencies and branches. For instance, the coming of Buddhism to the United States not only contributed to the emergence of vernacular ethnic art and music, but also to the construction of a community of socially engaged Japanese American Buddhists. This example illustrates the many-faceted effect of art in religion.

    Considering the magnitude and diversity of the above-described changes that are caused by artists’ creative activities, I can admit that my role in changing the world is much simpler. I am neither a representative of traditional art nor a person connected with show business. Nevertheless, I always strive to convince my friends and my family to do something good for others. Moreover, I try to teach them to distinguish right from wrong. I believe that despite their financial position, people are able to give someone a helping hand. For example, one may consider donating money to individuals in need, buying some food for the homeless, carrying a heavy object for the elderly, sharing an umbrella while it is raining etc. In a word, everyone can be rich in his or her heart. The world needs people who are more willing to give than to receive. Therefore, my current role in changing the world is to spread kindness and helpfulness around myself. I am sure that this wonderful behavior can make the society and environment a better place to live in.

    In summary, I do not consider myself to be an artist in a typical meaning of this word. Hence, I am engaged in such activities as charity and casual helpfulness. I believe that these are my artworks because these approaches definitely have strong aesthetic meaning, and they are in compliance with the current social trend towards being ethical and responsible for the external world. Therefore, this performance makes me an artist. I feel that I am capable of making a positive change in my community. This is my role and my contribution to humanity.

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