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  • Asset-backed tokens are actually tokenized assets that are developed on major blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Neo, or similar. Most asset-backed crypto tokens are really not a cryptocurrency in the true sense of the term, and many aren’t even blockchain projects.

    Asset-backed tokens have the capability to take traditional assets, such as real estate, precious metals, intellectual property, and combine them with decentralized blockchain asset properties. These new hybrid traditional-crypto assets will actually be less volatile than current crypto assets, helping the market stabilize.

    Asset-backed tokens have many use cases and capabilities that can provide economic and social benefits to many industries.

    Asset-backed tokens are offered during a Security Token Offering (STO).

    An STO is a process where an investor exchanges money for tokens defining an investment. As such, we can specify security token offerings as events that distribute securities. And since tokens represent real-world property, STOs represent a secure investment option.

    Tokenization is mainly used to back assets that typically have limited liquidity. Some of these assets include derivatives, real estate, art, company shares, commodities, and other assets that usually take long to find a buyer.

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    Developcoins - Asset-backed token development company

    Developcoins is a leading Cryptocurrency development company for Asset-backed Security Token Offerings and smart contract development. We provide fully compliant software solutions for STO and advises on structuring DLT- and Blockchain-based Securities.

    Developcoins has developed a portfolio of asset-backed security token protocols which will facilitate the development and issuance of your tokenized asset offering contact us today for detail on our turnkey Asset-backed token development service.

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