How to set up AOL email settings through IMAP?

  • If you are looking for downloading AOL email, IMAP is an excellent option for any email client. If any user wants to access AOL email and wants to work with another email account holder, then IMAP is very important. Initially, you have to maintain the particular information about AOL mail and after that you need to work upon IMAP server settings. All your messages can be easily accessible along with AOL Mail IMAP server. Therefore, you must have AOL mail settings to get back the notification message.

    Why do users prefer IMAP server settings?

    AOL strongly recommends using IMAP settings on SMTP and POP3.  Even though these protocols are highly supported by AOL email clients. On the other hand, there are some important factors that IMAP hits in terms of amazing features.

    What do you mean by AOL IMAP settings?

    When you set up your AOL email account to other email accounts, you should enter all essential information. It permits other email account holders to use their AOL email account. Here are some important AOL IMAP settings to get AOL mail client:

    • AOL Mail IMAP server address:
    • AOL Mail IMAP username: You should enter AOL Mail email address
    • AOL Mail IMAP password: You must type AOL Mail password
    • AOL Mail IMAP port: 993
    • AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL necessary: Yes

    Which Striking Features are available on other mail applications:-

    Message Status- Users are not able to access unread messages and the users can’t observe the status of the sent messages. AOL mail permits that in the right ways.

    Spam- Users don’t obtain the permission to use the report option. On other hand, AOL mails provide easy access to inform spamming messages that are totally unsafe.

    Remove Mail- Various email applications have varied settings. Some permit observing the removed emails and some don’t display the removed emails.

    Easy Steps to set up AOL mail using IMAP on Android Phone-

    Step1- You can start just by selecting the mail option from your screen. You should enter your email address and password in the correct ways. Choose the “Manual setup process” button.

    Step2- Select “IMAP” Button. Go to the next step for AOL IMAP settings. Follow next step

    Step3- When you have selected “IMAP” button to ensure that to type the below settings and click on “Next” button and set up IMAP server as

    • Set up security type to none
    • Set up Port type to 143 for IMAP
    • Secure-Port menu: 993, and safety type: SSL/TLS
    • Insecure – Port option: 143 and Security Type: None

    Step4- Choose the “Done” button. Now, you are ready to use your AOL email properly. Thus, you can set up an AOL email account using AOL mail settings.

    With the help of all these above explained instructions, you can set up AOL email using AOL IMAP settings successfully. Still, if you have any confusion, you can call online technical professionals to get complete technical guidance for this set up process. Online technical experts are available at helpline number to guide you properly. For more information about Comcast email settings, you can take complete guidance from trained technical experts.