Having to cover skill tree foliage stinks PSO2

  • The system is convoluted and you need to spend ages sifting via wikis and cheap PSO2 Meseta youtube movies to understand it. The fact that you can find new-type and old-type weapons using two distinct strategies to improve (grind) them is foolish. Affixes and caps are unintuitive unless you've got a manual to refer to that explains how they work. Collection files are pretty boring since they simply boil down to"spam more EQs" which is probably what you're doing.

    Every time you kill a boss they explode like a pinata and drop a ton of **** that is useless. As a beginner it's hard to understand what's not and what's well worth picking up. I guess you could vendor them to an NPC? Level cap unlock quests are really annoying. Why do I have to get a 13* +35 weapon just to level beyond Lv75? It's just a random hurdle thrown in to slow your own progress. Who finds those fun? Most quests (client orders) are just kill or bring quests. All of them are amazingly boring, although there are many of them.

    Some customer orders are annoying to perform. The daily ones especially. The majority of them ask you to kill enemy that is x but everything you know is that free area that enemy is located in. Because the wiki doesn't tell you just where they unfold which means you have to run around for ages you are supposed to kill. It's nothing like the dinosaurs are even remotely hard so it becomes a chore to kill. The narrative is totally terrible but it just consists of cutscenes now and I really don't think that it's vital to clear to advancement (looking at you FFXIV).

    Having to cover skill tree foliage stinks. I know someone is going to answer to the with"just wait for a free reset lol" but no I am not going to wait around for SEGA to release a balance patch just so I can reset my ability tree, that is ******* stupid. When that is going to take place, I don't know. Until you **** up your skill tree as a beginner you go look up assembles for your class ASAP. Mags are dumb since they are which are supposed to boost cash shop revenue since you can not reset the stats of your Mag.

    There's a gacha match on mobile you could play to acquire EXP on your primary character. Most people just use the mobile game since you can use your google account to pay which is a whole lot easier than doing it to pay for the cash store computer. The game is garbage. I really don't believe the combat is intriguing so I will ignore this, but this is subjective. I guess that the clunkiness of pso2 sales the UI destroyed it although I know a good deal of folks like the battle. In addition, the fact that the majority of mobs die in a couple of hits anyway.