Quality of first generation human clone

  • A cloned human has 30% capacity whereas a normal human has 50% ability to procreate (having in mind that an average person today is  able to give 10 offspring if no contraceptive is taken).  Birth due to willful action / willful action – The birth of a human clone is 100% willful action and the birth of normal human is due to destiny One’s wish / God’s wish – Clone takes birth due to our own wish whereas a normal human is born with God’s wish and thus this type of birth is aligned with the Divine Law.Quality of first generation human clone – Quality of first generation human clone is 30% and quality of first generation normal human was 70%. The highest quality of spiritually evolved human being is 100%.Quality of fifth generation human clone – Due to various reasons the quality of human clone in fifth generation would be 0% as it keeps on deteriorating with every consecutive birth.Completing the give and take account – Unlike the spiritually evolved, a normal human being is born with one of the basic purpose of completing and nullifying the give and take account. The present era and the soroundings are 70% conducive for a normal human to complete his give and take but for a human clone it is 30% as the birth is not as per the Divine Law. (For a spiritually evolved, any time is 100% conducive as they are born by Their own wish with a specific Divine Mission and do not have any give and take accounts to nullify.)Likelihood of distress form distressing energies – For human clones the likelihood is 50% and for normal human it is 30%. There is a higher likelihood of possession by a ghost right at the time of conception which is less in the case of a normal person. Key background points:In the present times the mode spiritual level of an average person in society across the world is 20%. (if on a scale of 0-100%, 0% would be innanimate objects and 100% a God realised Soul)All references to ‘average person' or ‘Human from fertilized ovum' in this article refers to a spiritually average person, i.e. a person having a spiritual level close to 20%. This spiritually average person could well be a billionaire, a head of state or a celebrity from show business.  SummaryWhatever benefits we may possibly hope to derive from human cloning at the physical and mental level, it would be pertinent to carefully consider the spiritual repercussions. Unless we do this we will be doing humanity at large a massive disservice.        Know more about real hair wigs , wigs uk and more, Please go to: https://www.yneed.co.uk/