To guarantee thickening of hair

  • The consistency of the wax should be soft, not runny.Hair removal by waxing can break the hair, which is a main cause of ingrown hairs.To avoid ingrown hairs, apply a thin layer of wax in the direction the hair grows. If you're using a strip over the wax, rub it in the same direction. Leave about one third of the strip free so you can get a good grip for pulling it off fast.Pull your skin taut and then pull the strip back, not up or out, in one smooth movement. Don't be timid - Slight pulls will only leave patchy areas as well as cause more pain.After waxing, remove any excess wax with a warm moist towel, being careful not to touch the skin with your hands, which might cause an infection.When skin is freshly waxed, limit creating ingrown hairs and other skin irritations by not wearing tight clothing around the area.Another way to limit severe skin problems after using a waxing hair removal product is to exfoliate the skin one to two days later. This will help prevent dead skin cells from building up.Be careful not to expose the newly waxed area to the sun for at least forty eight hours or the skin may darken, but not in a good way. And always use a good sun blocker thereafter.Be aware - Using a waxing hair removal product usually leaves a redness, so if you're doing it for a special occasion, do it a couple of days beforehand.Now, if you decide waxing may not be for you, there are alternatives. Do some research and you'll find other hair removal products that are not quite as, uh, "intense".Keep in mind that women with thin hair are found to be neglecting theirnutrition; thus, the incidence of baldness in them. To guarantee thickening of hair, avoid eating junk foods, stay away from too much soda and instead eat amore balanced diet – that is more of vegetables, fruits and white meat. Know what other nutritionalsupplements you need.Find the right natural andnutritional supplements on how to makeyour hair thicker. That way, you’ll get the help you need to do away withthinning hair. For more information on human hair wigs please visit: