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Latest Update with New Features

  • We recently released out latest updates to the community. We are always working on features to make this the ultimate social networking lawyer directory.


    Here are the features of our latest updates:

    Activity Feeds Section Updates:

     - New! "Scroll to Top" Button: As a user scrolls down to see more Activity Feeds on a page, the "Scroll to Top" button appears with a fading-in effect from the bottom-right side of the screen, enabling user to easily move to the top. 

     - New! Quick and Attractive Commenting: A "Post a comment" box can be displayed for activity feeds that have comments. Comments can be quickly posted just by pressing the "Enter" key. Emoticons / Smileys are shown in comments when their symbols are entered.  

    -  New! Bigger Photo Size and improved alignment of Album Photos in Activity Feeds: Bigger size of album photos in Activity Feeds make the feeds for album photo uploads / sharing look very attractive.   

    - New! Updates from within Networks  - New! Members can post their update to "Everyone" independent of the Feed Content setting, and such an update will be visible to Everyone on those members' profiles. 

    - New! Editing Privacy for Status Update Posts: Users can change the privacy for their old status update posts from their profile.  

    - New! Retaining User's Privacy Preference for Sharing of Status Update Posts: Whenever users choose a sharing privacy option for their status update post, then that preference is saved for them, such that when they want to do a status update next time, their previous sharing privacy option comes pre-selected, which they can change if they wish. This provides great convenience to users and an assurance that their update will not be accidentally shared with unintended people.  

    - New! Users can also add photos to their updates using their Webcam.  

    - New! "Directions" Action Link: This action link can be shown for these content having location: Law Directory and Events. Clicking on this link will show to users in an attractive lightbox having map, the plotted directions from their current location to the content's location. Slide-able instructions are also provided for directions. Users can change the starting location from which directions should be shown. Users' current location is auto-detected.  

    - New! users can also add their profile photo using their Webcam.  

    - New! Save Feeds: Users can save feeds to view and act on them later. Feeds saved by users are accessible via the "Saved Feeds" option in Feed filters. Users can also use this to bookmark feeds of actions that they like.  

    - New! Disable Comments: Users can disable comments on their posts.  - New! Permalink for Feeds: All feeds have their own permanent URLs. These feed links can be very useful if users want to share a feed that they like.  

    - New! Lock Feeds: Users can lock their posts from being shared.  

    - New! "Add Friend" link in sign-up feeds: Feeds for new user sign-ups contain an "Add Friend" link, thus enabling members to easily send friend requests to such users.  

    - New! Grouping of Activity Feeds: Many types of activity feeds are grouped to prevent cluttering of feeds and provide good experience. Feeds for Tagging friends in photos, users becoming Friends, "Like" activities (when users Like something) and birthday wishes are grouped.


    Law Directory Updates:  

    - New! Alphabetic Filtering  

    - New! AJAX Search widget: It enables AJAX search over Business Titles. Search interface is similar to Facebook's search.  

    - New! Linking Businesses: Business Admins can link other Businesses to their Business. The "Linked Businesses" widget on Business Profile shows Businesses related to that Business.   

    - New! Users can receive on their homepage the activity feeds of Businesses that they have liked.  

    - New! Page admins can easily make any album photo of their directory item / page as the page profile photo by clicking on a link.  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Photos  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Albums: Enables searching and filtering over Page Albums.  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Videos  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Videos  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Reviews  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Reviews: Enables searching and filtering over Page Reviews.  

    - New! HTML5 Viewer: enables documents of your site to be viewed on devices that do not support Flash, like iPad.  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Documents  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Documents: Enables searching and filtering over Page Documents.  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Notes  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Notes: Enables searching and filtering over Page Notes.  

    - New! Popular Social Networking Inviter services supported: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  

    - New! Coupon Codes can be associated with offers for their redemption. Apart from In-store Offers, Coupon Codes also enable Page Admins to create Online Offers.  

    - New! No. of Claims: Page Admins can specify the number of times their offers can be obtained by users. They can also set unlimited claims for their offer.  

    - New! Members can get offers that they see on your site by clicking on the "Get Offer" links for the offers. This will send the offer with its details to the user via email. If the offer is an online one and has a coupon code associated, then the user will be able to use the coupon code emailed to avail the offer. For in-store offline offers, users will be able to take a print of the offer email or take it on mobile and show it at the store. It is thus now easier for users to avail offers.  

    - New! Members can request for offers to be resent by clicking on the "Resend Offer" link if they do not find a claimed offer in their inbox.  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Offers  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Offers  

    - New! Widgetized Home & Browse pages for Page Events  

    - New! Search Form widget for Page Events: Enables searching and filtering over Page Events.  


    Advanced Facebook Integration:  

    - New! Facebook Send Button: Along with Facebook Like Button, you can also have Send Button on your website. It allows users to easily send your site's content URL attached in a message to their Facebook friends, to the group wall of one of their Facebook groups, and as an email to any email address.  

    - New! Facebook Comments Box: Enables users to leave a comment on LRC's content as their Facebook profile or any Facebook Page they administer. Users can choose to have their comment posted to their Facebook wall (Profile or Page, depending on how they made the comment). With this, the comment also publishes to the News Feed of their friends / fans, thus being easily shared with them. Friends and fans can respond to user's comment either directly from News Feed on Facebook, or from Comments Box on Law Referral Connect.