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Salt Lake City Car Accident Statistics

  • When you’re hurt in a car accident in Utah, knowing the steps to take in the aftermath can be confusing. Your injuries were caused because someone was driving drunk, distracted, drowsy, or were otherwise careless with your safety. 

    These are all common reasons for car accidents, but knowing the stats behind motor vehicle accidents can give you some insight into why these accidents happen, how often they happen, and who or what could be at fault. 

    Continue reading to learn more about car accident statistics and how these statistics can tell you more about accident types and what to do after a crash. 

    Most Common Reasons for SLC Car Accidents

    Car accidents can happen for many reasons, but some reasons are more common than others. If you’re informed about the common causes of car wrecks, then you can be better prepared to avoid one. 

    The most common cause of car crashes in Salt Lake City is speeding. Between 2012 and 2016, speeding caused 40 percent of car crashes in Utah, which lead to hundreds of deaths on the road. Understandably, these accidents are much deadlier at high speeds.

    Driving Without a Seat Belt Is Deadly

    Driving at high speeds can be deadly, but driving without a seat belt at any speed can be just as dangerous. Although legislation to ticket people for failing to buckle up helps, many people still go without their belts, leading to many deadly crashes. 

    Between 2012 and 2016 in Utah, nearly 400 people were killed in accidents as unrestrained occupants. Worse, many of the people injured or the families of those killed in these crashes may have lost compensation because of their decision.

    Because they weren’t wearing a seat belt, the responsible party might pin part of the blame on them. You may need a car accident lawyer in Salt Lake City to recover compensation if you’re one of the many people injured in a crash in which people weren’t wearing seat belts.

    Reach Out to a Car Crash Attorney in Salt Lake City

    If you’ve been injured in a Salt Lake City car accident, you might feel like another statistic. You were hit by a drunk driver, a speeding driver, or someone was driving distractedly. However, every case is unique, and you may be eligible for compensation in your case. 

    If you’re struggling with a car accident claim, you may need to reach out to a lawyer at Craig Swapp & Associates for help with your claim. Your attorney can provide guidance on your car accident, starting with a free consultation.

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