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Who’s Responsible When a Slip-and-Fall Accident Happens?

  • One minute, you're walking through a store, and the next, you've fallen and hit your head. You're hurt and in need of medical treatment, but how will you pay for that? You may need to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for your slip-and-fall accident.

    Unfortunately, it can be tough to determine who's at fault when you have a slip-and-fall accident. You're suffering, and the person who made the situation possible through his or her negligence might not be the same person who's financially responsible.

    That's why you need to call a lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC. Our attorneys can help you determine who's responsible when a slip-and-fall accident happens.


    The Property Owner May Be at Fault

    When a slip-and-fall accident happens, your first response might be to file a claim against the person responsible for the conditions that made you fall, such as the employee who didn't mop up the spill or put out a "Wet Floor" sign.

    But slip-and-fall cases aren't always so simple. In cases where you're injured on another person's property, the property owner could be responsible for your injuries—not just the employee who may have contributed to the hazardous conditions. Property owners can be held responsible for injuries that take place on their property.


    The Duty to Maintain Safety

    Proving that someone should be held accountable for your slip-and-fall damages can be challenging. You'll need to prove that the person acted negligently and caused your injuries.

    Everyone has a "duty of care" to ensure that others are reasonably safe. But this doesn't mean that you'll be able to sue a property owner for just any accident. Instead, you'll need to prove that someone didn't meet the reasonable expectation of care necessary to prevent your injuries.

    For example, let's say the roof was leaking and you slipped and fell on the puddle the leak created. If there was an attempt to prevent falls, such as through buckets, signs, and other ways to divert the water and prevent accidents, it may be difficult to prove that someone is liable for your injuries.

    If someone knew about the leak and didn't act to prevent accidents, however, he or she could be held responsible.


    A Lawyer Can Help

    Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine who's at fault and whether that person can be held accountable for the damages you've suffered in a slip-and-fall accident. You may need the professional guidance a lawyer from The Kindley Firm, APC, can provide.

    Not sure where to start? Contact our team for a free consultation. We'll review your claim and show you what we can do to help. Give us a call at 619-550-1313 or visit us online.