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Who Pays for Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Claim?

  • An expert witness is a person who testifies at a trial to give the court the benefit of his or her special knowledge in a field. Usually, an expert witness is called because he or she has knowledge relevant to the case, and because the attorney wants the expert witness to use that knowledge to corroborate helpful evidence or refute testimony given by the opposing counsel.

    Expert witnesses can include medical doctors, car accident reconstructionists, maintenance specialists, or others with specialized knowledge.


    Paying for an Expert Witness

    Expert witnesses don’t provide their services to attorneys for free. If you’re involved in a personal injury case and your attorney wants to call an expert witness, he or she will pay the expert witness’s fee at the time of testimony. However, those fees will be added to your attorney’s fees and other case costs at the conclusion of your case.

    Most personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis, meaning that they only accept payment if they win the case. They will take their payment out of the settlement you’re awarded at the conclusion of the case. This will include the expert witness fee.

    But what if you don’t win your case? If your attorney has taken your case on a contingency basis, and he or she doesn’t win your case, you should not be required to pay attorney’s fees or court costs. This means that your attorney won’t take your case on a contingency basis unless he or she believes you have a strong case.


    Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in Illinois

    Attempting to pay expert witnesses and deal with other elements of a personal injury case can be difficult alone. You will need to consult an attorney who has experience getting compensation for accidents and injuries.

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