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Understanding Personal Injury Damages in Georgia

  • A personal injury case in the state of Georgia works similarly to other states around the nation. An injured victim who believes someone else contributed to causing their accident can file a personal injury claim and go to court to prove negligence against the liable party. If the victim successfully proves negligence, they can recover a settlement for any damages they’ve suffered.

    Calculating damages after an accident can be a complex process. If you’re pursuing a claim, having a Savannah personal injury lawyer as a guide can be helpful. Your attorney can maximize your claim by assessing all of your damages and negotiating with the judge. At The Nye Law Group, we’re determined to get the most out of your injury claim.  

    Economic Damages for Financial Losses

    Economic damages are the most prominent part of most personal injury lawsuits. When you get injured in an accident, your medical expenses can accumulate quickly, and other financial losses can be significant, such as lost wages from being out of work and property damages. The liable party in your accident should have to compensate you for these losses.

    Non-Economic Damages for Intangible Losses

    Aside from the tangible financial loss you’ve experienced after your accident, the intangible loss and effect that the accident has had on your lifestyle shouldn’t go unnoticed. Pain and suffering can take a long time to heal, and the at-fault party should have to pay you for how they’ve changed your life.

    While intangible losses, such as emotional distress and loss of consortium, are hard to monetize, your attorney can help include these in your settlement.

    Punitive Damages as Punishment

    In some personal injury claims, the judge awards punitive damages to punish the defendant for their actions. Depending on the accident, the liable party may have been blatantly negligent. For example, if a driver injured someone because they were driving under the influence and it was their third DUI offense, then the judge may consider this blatant negligence and award the victim punitive damages. 

    Reach Out to a Savannah Personal Injury Attorney

    Having an experienced attorney by your side as you move forward with your claim can make the Georgia legal process easier to navigate. Before you go to trial, you can calculate your claim value and have a clear idea of how much money you deserve. It’s best to begin your lawsuit with a ballpark number in your mind so you don’t get persuaded into a lower settlement offer than you deserve.

    At The Nye Law Group, we do our best to get our clients the maximum settlements by outlining all of their damages and assigning the correct value to each one. We understand that pursuing a lawsuit takes a lot of time and effort, and we want our clients to reap the benefits of their commitment.

    If you’re ready to discuss your case with a Savannah personal injury lawyer from our team, call 912-200-5230 to schedule a free consultation, or visit our website for more information.