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The Pros and Cons of Witnesses in Criminal Cases

  • When the police arrest you in Dallas and charge you with a crime, your best option is often to hire an experienced attorney and fight hard to get your charges reduced or dismissed. To build a strong defense for court, you’ll need evidence to support your side of the story. Witnesses are one of the best forms of evidence you can use. 

    There are both pros and cons to using witnesses in criminal cases, and the key is to find witnesses who are reputable. If you’ve never been involved in the criminal court process before, then speaking to a Dallas federal criminal defense attorney from Chris Lewis & Associates P.C. can prepare you for the trial ahead and provide you with the support needed to move forward.

    A Different Perspective 

    One benefit of bringing forth witnesses in your criminal defense case is that a witness will provide a different perspective than your own personal perspective on the case. Because you’re being accused of a crime, the judge and jury may not believe your testimony, even if what you’re saying is truthful. It’s always best to have a witness present to corroborate your story so you become more credible. 

    Strong Evidence 

    Witness testimonies serve as strong evidence in court, because if the plaintiff and the defendant are the only ones who saw the crime take place, then the judge and jury only have two opposing stories to believe. By bringing in a witness, the court can use this third party’s perspective as evidence to determine what truly happened and who may be lying on either side of the case.

    When a witness' testimony is used as evidence alongside tangible evidence, such as photographs, DNA evidence, or video footage, then whatever side the witness’ story and the evidence lean toward will become more believable. 

    Possibly Disreputable 

    The drawback to bringing forth a witness in a criminal case is that witnesses can sometimes be disreputable. Although a witness may prepare for court and you may think you know what the witness will say on the stand, the prosecution may ask the witness challenging questions that convince the witness to say things that end up hurting your case.

    A witness may also lose memory of what happened at the scene of the crime, which can be harmful to your case. It’s important when bringing a witness to the stand to make sure they’re a strong witness with credible knowledge of what happened at the scene of the crime. 

    Contact a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

    If you’ve been charged with a crime in Dallas, it’s essential to fight your charges in court and use strong evidence, such as witness testimonies, to clear your name. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can locate witnesses who may testify on your behalf.

    To speak with a Dallas federal criminal defense lawyer from Chris Lewis & Associates P.C., call 214-522-9404 to schedule a free consultation. You can also visit our website for more information.