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Pleading Guilty to a Violation that Results in Five or More Poi

  • If you’ve been issued a Traffic Violations Bureau traffic ticket in Rochester or New York City, and that violation could add five or more points to your license, you need to proceed carefully.

    You could end up losing your license, which is just one of many reasons you should consult an NYC traffic violation attorney before you proceed.


    Consequences of Five or More Points on Your License

    A guilty plea to a TVB ticket that results in five or more points on your license could cause you to lose your license under Part 132 of the Commissioner’s Regulations if you have three or more alcohol-related convictions on your driving record. This is true even if some or all of the alcohol convictions were a long time ago. The TVB will consider your entire driving record.

    However, if you received the ticket while riding a bicycle or in-line skates, you don’t need to worry about receiving points on your license. While you may be charged a fine for the offense, points will not be added to your driving record.


    How to Avoid Losing Your License

    Losing your license can have a negative effect on your entire life. If you think you may be in danger of losing your license due to a violation that would put more than five points on your record, you should consult an attorney.

    Don’t just plead guilty without talking to a lawyer first. An attorney can help you understand your options and maybe even help you escape revocation or suspension of your license. Your attorney can also enter your not guilty plea and schedule your hearing.


    Experienced Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Help

    If you have received a traffic ticket that can result in five or more points, it’s important that you consult with an attorney right away. Call the Law Office of James Medows at 917-856-1247 or visit our website to set up a free consultation.