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Can Variable Speed Limits Reduce Accidents?

  • Recent tests suggest that a revolutionary idea could reduce rear-end collisions on major roadways. Could variable speed limits, especially in construction-heavy traffic zones, help warn drivers of congestion farther down the road?


    Results of Variable Speed Limit Test

    Variable speed limit signs were tested on a particularly dangerous stretch of road in Missouri. Speed limits could be reduced in real time, indicating a slowdown up ahead.

    The test results have shown a reduction in commute times and crashes.


    How Variable Speed Limits Could Help

    Here are four surprising ways variable speed limits could save lives:


    1) Reduce Rear-End Collisions

    Variable speed limit signs can reduce speed limits in real time, warning drivers to slow down. If commuters are driving at a reduced rate of speed when they come upon stopped or slowed traffic, they are less likely to rear-end other drivers.


    2) Ease Traffic Congestion

    Traveling at a slower rate of speed over a long distance, rather than stop-and-go, may actually reduce commute times, creating a better flow of traffic that is less prone to accidents.


    3) Make Work Zones Safer

    Construction crews face a great risk of injury when drivers are traveling at a high rate of speed. Slowing down drivers in heavy construction areas can save lives.


    4) Fewer Lane-Changing Accidents

    Traveling at a slower speed during peak traffic hours resulted in fewer lane-changing conflicts.


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