What Are Delaware's Durable Power of Attorney Laws?

  • Planning your estate can be lengthy, as there are important decisions that will need to be made regarding your will, trusts, probate, healthcare proxy and advance directive, and, of course, determining who will be your durable power of attorney.

    The attorneys at Barros, McNamara, Malkiewicz & Taylor are ready to help you get your affairs in order so that when the time comes, your Delaware estate is prepared.


    Responsibilities of a Power of Attorney

    The durable power of attorney is responsible for making decisions for you regarding your finances and assets when you become unable to do so. This could involve how your money is spent, bills and debts are repaid, and the like.

    Very similar to the healthcare proxy, the durable power of attorney is essentially the person or persons who will be acting on your behalf if or when you are no longer of sound mind. As you can imagine, choosing who your power of attorney will be is a task that should be taken seriously.


    Choosing Who Will Carry Out Your Wishes

    Making the decision about who will be your durable power of attorney can be a challenge. You’ll want to choose someone who will make the same decisions you would’ve made if you were able to express yourself. Many people will make the mistake of choosing the person they are closest with—their spouse or children, for example.

    Unfortunately, while these close relatives might have the best intentions, your closest family members aren’t always the best option, as they may be prone to making decisions based on their emotions and feelings rather than focusing on carrying out your desires.


    Get Help from a Delaware Estate Planning Lawyer

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