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Tips for Long Distance Co-Parenting


    Many divorced families live close by each other, so it’s easier to split parenting time equally. Both the mother and father get to see the children a considerable amount. However, parents who live a long distant from one another have a much more difficult time coming up with a parenting plan that benefits everyone involved.


    Communication Is Key

    As with most areas of divorce, communication is key. The first step in successfully co-parenting when long distance is involved is to keep each other informed. For example, if the father is only seeing his children on holidays and during summer vacation, it would be nice to share pictures and progress reports on the child’s schooling and day-to-day life.

    During the summer months when the child is with his or her father, he, too, should send pictures and updates to their mother. Communication in this type of situation goes a long way toward keeping both parents well-informed when it comes to the children.


    Limit Your Parenting to Your House

    Parents should only parent at their house. Once you start attempting to dictate what the other party does when it is his or her time, you’re going to run into conflict. It is also not wise to tell your children that they must follow your rules while they are at the other parent’s home. Doing so may make them resentful or unwilling to talk to you about their time with the other parent. Try to let go and realize that your children’s other parent will look out for their wellbeing, even if it is not in a way that you would normally do so.

    The best tip for long distance co-parenting is to have a court order set in place so that you are aware of the exact dates the child will be with each parent. Your order can also include details of the arrangements that can make it a smoother process. Having a plan set in stone helps everyone involved know where the child will be at all times.


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