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An Accident, a Fleeing Driver, and the Hunt for a Mysterious Po

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    Around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 17, 2016, Tishira Japa found herself crossing West Fordham Road. She was unexpectedly sent sliding several feet from the road after being struck by a white minivan. Luckily, Japa had her sister and some friends with her when the accident occurred.

    The witnesses told police that the driver did stop and get out of the minivan to assess the situation. However, after just looking at Japa for a few moments, the driver got back into the minivan and drove away. The witnesses were able to capture a picture of the license plate of the vehicle.


    Police Report Not Accurate

    While Japa remained in the ICU of the hospital, her stepfather acted and wanted to read the incident report from the accident. The report read as though the driver had stayed at the scene, but that is not what the eyewitness statements reflect. Upon locating video footage from the surrounding businesses, it was easy to see that the minivan did indeed take off only mere moments after Japa was seen skidding across the pavement.

    It was later stated by police that the driver left the scene due to being scared for his own safety but had called 911 to report the accident. It was also said that the driver then later reappeared at the scene of the accident to speak with police, who confirmed that because of the driver’s reason for leaving, he would not be charged with fleeing the scene.


    New York City Car Accident Lawyers

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