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What if I Can't Afford a Car Accident Lawyer?

  • A car accident can get expensive fast. You’re probably facing costly medical bills, car repairs, and time away from work. Even with a solid safety net, it can take a toll on your finances. Now, the at-fault party doesn’t want to pay for the losses you’ve suffered, and you need to take your claim to court. 

    However, you may be worried about affording a car accident lawyer. You may have heard about the costs of getting a lawyer, and now you’re concerned about even having the funds to pay for them. Read on to learn more about how paying your lawyer works and how you may have the chance to hire them after all. 

    What Are Contingency Fees?

    When you’re dealing with a car accident lawyer, you typically don’t have to pay a flat fee for their services. You’ll instead usually pay a contingency fee based on their help. But what does that mean for you? 

    A contingency fee is made up of a percentage of your compensation. When you win your claim, a part of your compensation will be used to pay your lawyer. That way, you don’t have to pay out of pocket for the losses you’ve suffered because of the car crash—or for professional help in getting those losses compensated. 

    Better yet, that contingency fee is “contingent” on you winning. If you don’t get compensated, your lawyer doesn’t get paid for their services. This means your lawyer is more focused than ever on getting you the compensation you’re seeking. 

    Why You Need an Accident Attorney

    When you’re hurt in a car accident, you may still be worried about the losses and expenses you’ve suffered, and you’re worried about the costs of a lawyer. While you may not have to pay out of pocket for your lawyer, is it worth it? 

    Your Sandy car accident lawyer can help your claim succeed, while also taking the pressure off you while you’re hurt and recovering from your injuries. They can help you get the maximum compensation you’re owed for your accident, and they can even help you avoid losing compensation if the other party accuses you of partial fault. 

    Seek Help from a Car Accident Lawyer

    When you’re hurt in a car accident, you need all the help possible to get your compensation afterward. If not, you could be left in dire financial straits. Because of this, you need to know whether you can afford a car accident lawyer when you have so many other expenses to worry about. 

    The good news is, you have a better chance of getting the maximum compensation you need with a car accident lawyer, rather than going to court alone. They can help you face the insurance company, know your claim’s value, and seek compensation for your losses. 

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