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How Does No-Fault Car Accident Insurance Work?

  • When you’re hurt in a car accident, you need to know how to get your needs covered afterward. You may already know that you have “no-fault” coverage in Utah, but what does that mean for your financial recovery? 

    If you’re injured after a car accident, you may need help understanding how no-fault car accident insurance works. Luckily, your car accident lawyer can help you go after the settlement or compensation you need following your accident. That way, you can focus on your health, not just your finances. 

    Personal Injury Protection Coverage

    When you’re involved in a car accident in Salt Lake City, you’ll first need to know what your insurance company will cover. No-fault car accident insurance states that your insurance company should be liable for the losses you’ve suffered. So, if you suffered $1,000 in damages because of the accident, your insurance company should pay for it. 

    That reduces the number of small claims brought forward in court. If you can just settle fairly with your insurance company, you have a little less to worry about. 

    Your personal injury protection, or PIP, coverage should help you get compensated for all your losses, like medical bills, lost income, and car repairs. In these cases, you may be able to simply file your claim, get a settlement offer, and focus on your health. 

    When Can I Sue for a Car Accident?

    However, that doesn’t mean you won’t face some obstacles in the process of getting your compensation. For example, your insurance company may refuse to settle with you. The company may be acting in bad faith to protect their own finances. The good news is, you can seek compensation from them in the courtroom for their actions. 

    In other cases, your claim may be worth more than the insurance company is required to pay. In many cases, the insurance company is only required to pay up to $3,000. If your claim exceeds that amount, you may be unable to settle with the insurance company. You may instead need to sue the at-fault party. 

    That can give you the chance to get fully and fairly compensated. You don’t have to just accept the insurance company’s offer, especially if it seems low or unfair. You can instead seek compensation that meets your needs. 

    Talk to Your Car Accident Attorney about Your Options

    If you’re hurt in a car accident, you don’t have to rely solely on your insurance company. However, in no-fault states, you may have a chance to avoid the courtroom and get a fair settlement for your losses. 

    If you’re concerned about your claim, reach out to a Salt Lake City car accident lawyer. If you’re worried about losing your compensation, your attorney can help by taking your claim to court or negotiating with the insurance company about your claim. 

    Worried about getting compensated for your losses? You have a chance to get answers first, with a free consultation. If you have questions about your accident and you need guidance, reach out to the lawyers at Craig Swapp & Associates by calling 1-800-404-9000 or by visiting us online to learn more.