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Culture Change and Nursing Homes

  • Culture change, also called person-centered care or resident-directed care, is a newer model of care for nursing home residents. Long-term care is usually applied in nursing home facilities under the medical model. The person-centered care model attempts to nurture and provide for the humanity of the resident as well as their medical needs. Culture change is always evolving to meet the needs of the residents admitted into a nursing home environment in the 21st century.

    There are four basic goals of culture change. These are: restoring control over daily living to the residents and respecting the rights of residents to make their own decisions, involving the entire staff in the care process with emphasis on those who have the most contact with the resident, including families and friends in the process of building a comprehensive team approach to care, and providing a familiar and comforting environment for the resident with individualized care practices that focus on the needs of the resident rather than the needs of the facility. Read more...