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A Look at the Most Common Texas Felony Charges

  • A Look at the Most Common Texas Felony Charges

    Texas is a big state with many residents. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that can get them into deep trouble with the law. If you are one of those accused, odds are that you are facing one of these common felony violations:


    Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

    The first and seventh most common crimes that inmates in Texas prisons are imprisoned for are different types of burglary, with 50,794 offenses in total. The third and eighth most common are aggravated robbery and robbery, with 41,100 current inmates. Ranking at tenth and eleventh are different forms of theft of property, with 22,629 total.

    These charges are commonly confused, and all fall under the category of “property crimes.”

    • Robbery occurs when someone takes the property of the victim with either the use of or threat of force and bodily injury. Aggravated robbery, sometimes called armed robbery, happens when either there is evidence of a deadly weapon involved or the victim is over sixty-five years old or disabled.

    • Burglary happens when someone takes another person’s property from a home or building by entering illegally or without permission but does so without use of or threat of force.

    • Theft of property, also known as larceny, describes both taking something without having to enter illegally or threaten force and the theft of an automobile, even if it was locked and then broken into.


    Drug and Alcohol Charges

    Different forms of possession, manufacture, and distribution of a controlled substance are the second, ninth, fourteenth, and fifteenth most common felonies, with 59,337 current inmates. To go along with those, the third conviction for driving while intoxicated currently represents 16,674 prisoners, ranking fourth most common overall.


    Child Abuse

    The fifth most common crime in Texas is aggravated sexual assault of a child, with 15,659 convictions. This group can include indecent sexual contact with a child and sexual assault of a child, both totaling 16,785 and ranking twelfth and nineteenth, respectively.


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