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If a Bicyclist and a Car Collide, Who Is at Fault?



    Bicycle-car accidents are extremely common, especially in high-traffic inner-city areas where many people bike to work. These accidents tend to be extremely devastating for the cyclist and are very complicated when it comes to determining who was to blame. Fault may not be immediately obvious, and that can cause a great deal of confusion around the accident for anyone involved.

    That said, both bicycles and cars are considered vehicles, and thus, must follow the rules of the road. Should either ignore those rules, they will most likely be found to have been at fault.


    When Bicyclists Are at Fault

    It’s entirely possible for a bicyclist to be at least partially responsible for a bicycle-car accident in some way. The accident could have been set in motion when a cyclist failed to properly signal or venture out into an intersection at a stop light. Or maybe the bicyclist crossed into another lane inappropriately.

    On smaller, tighter streets, it can be extremely difficult for car drivers to react, even if they are paying attention to the road. This is especially true at intersections and road junctions.


    When Car Drivers Are at Fault

    Car drivers can just as easily be responsible for these crashes. Many of the same causes and reasons apply here: a car runs a red light, doesn’t properly signal a turn or stop, or drives too closely to the bicycle lane, thereby squeezing cyclists off the road. Drivers have just as much responsibility to maintain visibility, signal properly, travel at safe speeds, and provide cyclists with the proper amount of room on the road.

    Austin Bicycle Accident Attorney

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