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Missouri's New Concealed Carry & Castle Doctrine Expansion Laws

  • We examine the impact permitless concealed carry and castle doctrine expansion (stand your ground) have on firearm incidents and the potential criminal law scenarios for gun owners.

    Missouri is the latest state to adopt a "stand your ground" style set of gun laws. SB 656 was veto'd by Governor Jay Nixon, but the Republican-led legislature completed an override to make in to law.

    We took a hard look at the details of the new legislation to understand the criminal law scenarios that will arise when all its provisions go in to effect. Our article Concealed Carry and Castle Doctrine: What to Know is a comprehensive look at the new provisions with analysis about how this has played out in other states who adopted similar laws.

    The results of the research point to more homicides (both regular and justifiable) along with the prospect more accidents, and other criminal charges stemming from firearms.

    Missouri Gun Laws

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