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New Jersey Penalties for Red Light Violations




    You only looked at your gas gauge for a second, so the light must have just turned yellow. You think you can make it, but this time you don’t, and as luck would have it, you were not the only one to notice. As the police officer’s lights flash, you maneuver your vehicle to the side of the road and prepare to be late for work.

    Red light violations in New Jersey are very common and can set you back quite a bit of money in fines. However, there are many defenses an experienced traffic ticket lawyer can use to possibly get your charges decreased—if not dismissed entirely. If you have received a citation for a red light violation, you should seek help from a New Jersey attorney from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC.


    Types of Red Light Violations

    The term “red light violation” includes a few different scenarios that are very similar and with identical penalties, but still have separate codes. These are a few of the more common versions:

    • Failure to obey traffic control device

    • Failure to make proper turn

    • Failure to make proper turn at arrow

    • Failure to observe flashing traffic signals

    • Failure to obey traffic control device at public-private intersection

    All of these violations carry a fine between $50 and $200 and the possibility of imprisonment for up to fifteen days. They will also incur two points on your license, except for failure to make a proper turn, which will inflict three points.


    Cameras, Too?

    New Jersey is one of the states making use of red-light cameras, which snap a picture of anyone crossing through the intersection when the light is red. There are no points for these citations, but the fine is $85.

    There are also several defenses that can be used for red-light camera tickets that cannot be used in other types of red light violations.


    MVC and Insurance Points

    The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission tracks traffic violations using a point system very similar to most other states. Every infraction has a point value that can eventually cost you surcharges and a license suspension, but insurance companies also keep track of these points, often using them to justify rate increases.

    What is worse is that it takes a long time for points to fall off your license, and your license is suspended when you reach twelve points total. An experienced New Jersey red light violation lawyer may be able to help you avoid some or all of the charges or penalties.


    Free Consultation with a New Jersey Red Light Lawyer

    If you have been ticketed for a red light violation in New Jersey, you should do whatever you can to avoid the fines and points. Points can add up fast, leading to a suspended license before you realize it.

    For help with your ticket, contact a New Jersey red light violation lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC. Please call us at 1-800-531-6442 to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. You may also reach us online to arrange a time for one of our associates to contact you.