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New York Penalties for Speeding in a School Zone




    In New York, there are stiff penalties for speeding in a school zone. If you thought that traditional New York driving laws and penalties were tough, you’re in for a surprise if you get ticketed in one of these areas. Your fine can be double what it would be normally and additional penalties may also apply.

    These laws were put into place to protect all of our children. Many kids don’t think to look before crossing the street, so it is necessary to drive at a reasonable speed to ensure that you have plenty of time to stop. Even so, getting ticketed in one of these areas can create a very real financial hardship—not to mention the number of points that will accrue on your license.


    Quick Facts About School Zones

    These are some important points to keep in mind when approaching a school zone:

    • School zones can start a quarter of a mile before you reach the actual school.

    • A school zone can be in effect between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

    • If you see flashing lights, the school-zone speed-limit must be observed.

    • Fines double in school zones.

    • The school zone isn’t over until you see the “School Zone End” sign.

    • The speed limit will never be less than fifteen miles per hour.

    • The speed zone should be marked with either a sign stating the hours or a flashing sign.


    Child-Care Centers May Also Qualify

    New York state law (Section 212.4 of NYCRR 17B) allows for child-care centers to request that a school speed zone be set near their facility as well. This can come as a shock for drivers that wouldn’t typically slow down near a daycare.

    However, if children walk or ride their bicycles to the facility, it can qualify. The daycare may also request to have the speed limit changed if children need to cross the road to get from one area of the facility to another.


    Watch for Cameras

    You do not need to be pulled over by the police to receive a ticket. With speed cameras being strategically placed near school zones, you can just as easily find a ticket in your mailbox.


    School Zone Speeding Penalties

    If you are caught speeding in a school zone in New York, the penalties will vary based on how fast you were driving. If you were only driving ten miles per hour over the speed limit, your fine will be $385 (including a surcharge) and three points will be added to your driving record.

    Being ticketed for driving more than ten miles per hour over the posted speed limit can lead to a fine of $685 or more (including a surcharge), along with an increased number of points on your driving record.

    An additional concern is that if you are caught excessively or recklessly speeding in a school zone, you could be sentenced to up to fifteen days in jail.


    Have You Been Ticketed in a School Zone?

    School-zone tickets are fairly easy to come by. Some people make the simple mistake of thinking that if they don't see any kids, the school-zone speed-limit must not currently be in effect. This is typically not the case, so you have to be diligent to watch for signs and keep your speed low.

    If you’ve been ticketed while driving in a school zone, you should still fight the traffic violation. Call or text the Law Office of James Medows to explore your legal options. You can reach us at 917-856-1247 or contact us online.