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Boston Woman Charged with Two Counts of Vehicular Homicide

  • No matter how safe you are or what precautions you take when you are behind the wheel, there is always the risk of other drivers who are reckless or driving under the influence. Both thirty-three-year-old Luz Puentes-Sheets and forty-four-year-old Maria Hernandez lost their lives while driving on a Boston road after drunk driver Jennifer Guzman, age twenty-eight, slammed into their vehicle after crossing the centerline.

    Guzman was arrested immediately for drunk driving. Police then tested her blood alcohol content (BAC) and found it to be 0.20 percent. As legal drinking and driving limit is just 0.8 percent in Massachusetts, the amount far exceeded what is allowed and considered to be safe.


    Charges Filed

    Because of the fatal accident, Guzman faces two counts of vehicular manslaughter and could face several years in prison if convicted. As she was drinking at the time of the accident, her chances for an innocent verdict aren’t very high. Generally, drunk driving is a significant influence on how judges rule.

    Driving under the influence can also significantly impact civil personal injury cases. If Guzman hadn’t been drinking, the accident never would have occurred in the first place.


    Others Also Injured

    In addition to the two fatalities, Guzman herself also suffered a number of injuries, as did two passengers who were driving with her at the time of the accident. If either or both of those passengers decide to pursue compensation related to their injuries, it could make for a very complex case.

    A judge might need to determine whether the passengers bear any fault for getting into the vehicle when they knew that Guzman was intoxicated. This is an example of contributory fault, but an attorney would need to examine the details to determine exactly what happened and who would be entitled to compensation.


    Boston Auto Wreck Attorneys

    In any event, if you or someone you know has been injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz at 1-800-660-2270 or visit us online to get started.