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What Happens During an IME in an Injury Case?

  • If you have been injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence and you opt to seek compensation for your injuries, the court may request that you undergo an independent medical exam (IME). During an IME, a medical professional will examine you thoroughly and may order tests such as X-rays, MRIs, or blood work to corroborate the evidence either for or against your accident claim.

    This examination effectively confirms your injuries and corroborates that they were either influenced or caused by negligence. An IME might provide other information that could be important to your case. The medical examiner that you see will be an independent, unbiased professional whose only job is to give an evidence-backed opinion of your health. It’s natural, however, that you might be hesitant about going through an IME.


    The IME Process

    Your IME will begin with a simple physical examination. If your injuries are extensive or internal, multiple sessions with the same physician may be required to fully complete your assessment. He or she may request access to your medical history, your charts, and information about treatments previously attempted. The examiner may also ask you to describe any pain or challenges your injury has caused along the way.

    Additionally, the medical professional could request permission to speak with other medical experts or healthcare providers about your health history. He or she will then review all of this information in conjunction with any personal information that you provide.

    The end goal is to either prove or disprove that enough evidence exists for your case to move forward within the court system. A confirmation of injury due to negligence can be an extremely persuasive piece of evidence in your favor.


    Consult with a San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney

    While the process could vary depending on both your case and your injuries, getting an IME is likely within your best interests. If you have been injured and need an IME to proceed with your case, we can help. Arrange a time to meet with the Law Offices of J. Chrisp for a free, no-obligation consultation by either calling 1-877-JCHRISP (524-7477) or contacting us through our website.