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Getting Your Medical Bills Covered After a Car Accident

  • After a car accident, it's tough to recover fully from the suffering you've experienced. You're facing serious injuries and pricey medical bills, which can feel impossible for you to pay on your own. You'll need to seek out help getting your medical bills covered after an accident, but how?

    Fortunately, you have outlets to get the coverage you need, whether that's an insurance settlement or a car accident lawsuit against the other driver. Continue reading to learn more.

    Contact Your Insurance Company

    One of your first options for compensation is to settle with your insurance provider. Wisconsin is fault state, which means that the responsible driver is responsible for your expenses. Because of this, you'll be able to file a third-party claim with their insurance company, or you can file with your own and let them seek compensation from the other company.

    However, that doesn't mean getting your settlement will be easy. You're still dealing with a for-profit company, which means they may fight back to protect their funds. Make sure you know what your claim is worth before you accept anything.

    Writing a Demand Letter

    You may find that the insurance company isn't giving you the fair offer you need to recover. In these cases, you and your attorney can write a demand letter, which is used to demand the full compensation you deserve from the company.

    You'll need to calculate your claim's worth, which may require a lawyer's help. They can help you ensure you've included all necessary expenses. Once written, it can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to get a response for your claim.

    Should My Claim Go to Court?

    In some cases, settling with the insurance company for your medical bills might not be enough. You might need to contact your attorney about filing a car crash lawsuit, not just a settlement. Fortunately, your attorney can help you build your claim, gather your evidence, and defend the compensation you deserve in court.

    Contact an Attorney about Car Crash Bills

    When you're hurt in a car accident, you'll need your medical bills covered. Unfortunately, it can be tough to fight back and get that compensation, as the insurance company might not be concerned about your claim.

    That's why you'll need to fight back for your claim and get the full compensation you deserve. A Milwaukee car accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg can help you get the full compensation you deserve, starting with a free claim review.

    Ready to begin? Call 414-271-7007 or reach out to us online for the information you need.